year in review - 2010

In contrast to its preceding year, 2010 held more highs than lows for me in many areas. In fact, I pretty much got all that I asked for in my year in review - 2009 entry and more. Some highlights worth mentioning as I round up the year on a positive note are:

I was welcomed into Club 30 with an entire month of celebrations.

On the work front, I experienced the longest period of extreme stress I have ever known followed by an immense sense of achievement as I finally received some appreciation and also got my duly deserved recognition.

Largely thanks to opportunities provided by work and a small part thanks to a boost in my purchasing power, I got to travel to many places new and old both within Australia and around the globe: Byron Bay, Wagga Wagga, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Turkey, Germany, and Dubai.

Somehow, I managed to find time amidst the busy work schedule to finally pursue my interest in learning a new instrument and new language after years of procrastination.

An unexpected encounter brought along a stream of sweet surprises and extravagant date nights.

Finally, in the whole month of December, I got to spend a heartwarming Christmas and count down to 2011 surrounded by everyone I love and who love me.

I had a blessed 2010. I couldn't ask for anything more. Let's hope this has not resulted in an impossible benchmark of expectations for the coming year.

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