father of all buns

Confession: I was one of those silly people who used to queue for more than an hour for a coffee bun when Pappa Roti first appeared in Singapore many years ago.

One would think that after investing so much time waiting in line, the most sensible thing for me to do was to buy at least a dozen buns. However, I have always been a firm believer of the famous Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. Bun #1 takes you to heaven while Bun #2 or #3 immediately banishes you back to planet earth. In order for the ecstasy of that first bite into the so claimed 'Father of All Buns' to linger on in my memory until the next visit, I would always stop myself from buying more than one or at the very most two buns.

After so many years of missing this 'crispy, fluffy, fragrant coffee cream coated bun with buttery filling', I was extremely delighted to see this (actually I smelt it before I saw it!) when I stepped into Kingsford for dinner on a hot January evening.

I couldn't stop salivating as the aroma of these freshly baked coffee buns hit me from a few shops away.

I had to wait 20min for the next batch of buns to pop out of the oven to buy a second bun because one wasn't enough to satiate me. And indeed, the LoDMU kicked in and I couldn't quite finish it.

They also serve a whole range of Malaysian style coffee and tea such as Teh Tarik that goes really well with these buns.

I emerged from Pappa Roti a very very satisfied girl. You can bet I'll be back there very soon.

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