one night in dubai

It was a last minute decision to do a one day stopover at Dubai for some work meetings enroute back to Sydney from Frankfurt. Due to the packed schedule, all I saw of Dubai was the airport, my hotel at the Millenium, my work meeting venue at the Emirates Training College and the Club Lounge at the Hyatt where I had more work meetings. The below photos are all I have to boast of my virgin trip to the Middle East.

An Emirates plane getting refuelled.

Waiting lounge at Dubai Airport.

One of the many wings at the Emirates Training College is built in the shape of a jet plane.

View from the outdoor dining section of the canteen in the training college. I can't help but get reminded of Singapore. Everywhere I turned, it seemed to be a duplicate of Singapore - the roads, city skyscrapers, high rise residential flats and apartments, road signs, trees lining the roads, banners on the lamp posts... Apparently Dubai was modelled after Singapore or so I've heard from too many sources.

I could watch the sky slowly turning dark as I was having the last of the work meetings at the Hyatt Club Lounge. I looked wistfully at the Spire wishing I had the time to at least venture into the city for a bit. No chance at all.

Left: the corridor leading to my room at the Millenium.
Right: the reading corner in my room. I love the richly coloured carpet and the super high ceiling.

I crashed into the luxurious bed and prepared to fly 17 hours back to Sydney the following day.

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