wishlist for monkey day

The big monkey day is in less than a month's time. As with every year, I think it's better to post a wishlist to provide some guidelines for friends and family who may be wondering what to get for the picky monkey me. Even if they may not buy the exact item shown below, they would be able to gather from the list the kind of stuff I like. So here goes.

1) Mobile phone

iPhone - just can't make up my mind on the colours. The white one is less common, I suppose, since I've only seen the black ones on the street so far.

Samsung Ultra Touch

2) Accessories for the new phone

Top on the list for the mobile phone category is the iPhone hence I've also shortlisted the following to go with it:

Left: Rugby Vintage Fabric iSockit iPhone Case
Right: Slugger Vintage Fabric iSockit iPhone Case
I want not one, but both!

3) Handmade jewellery from Beakee - read previous post here. Favouritest favourite of all mentioned in the entry is the Pinot Noir - lush grapevine cluster bracelet. I can wear this in spring!

4) Journals or scrapbooks

I love these journals I found on etsy although I am unsure if I will have any use for them at all. I actually have secret plans to do a little scrapbooking project on consolidating some of my blog entries and photos into one huge-ass journal; in this case these small journals aren't suitable, I'll need like a $100+ fancy scrapbook or something.

Left: Winter Tree, leather journal, suede
Right" Blue Tree, painted fabric journal

5) Bags

Left to right:
Oblong denim shoulder bag
The Letter Bag - in rosewood
Bookbag in Someone Bit Granny

6) Home deco stuff

Left to right:
Bird and moth plate
Two Puddle Jumpers 8x10 print
Tempest in a Teacup 8x8 print

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Alex said...

waah you sure have lots of stuff in mind for your big day ya.
You choice of phones is exact same as me. Still thinking hard about which one to get.