vivid sydney 2009

Second day of the Queen's Birthday long weekend, I stayed in a bit during the day to get some rest and charged down to The Rocks and Circular Quay areas once night fell for Vivid Sydney - a festival of music, lights and ideas. I hadn't expected such a crowd and spent about 30min circling around trying to find car parking. I ended up having to lug the cameras and tripod for a 20min walk to Harbour Bridge.

Spotted a nice little church during the hike to my destination and tried to take some photos of it. My laziness to set up the tripod for just a few quick shots resulted in very unsatisfactory photos like the below.

Once I settled on a great spot with a good view of everything that was going on, I set up camp and spent four hours shivering in the cold as the cameras snapped away.

One of the highlights in the Vivid Sydney programme is Luminous - the lighting up of the Sydney Opera House sails. As I tried to capture the fast-changing colours of the sails, I finally experienced for the first time the full impact and frustration of not owning a dSLR. I could visualise very vividly in my mind a particular scene and composition for my next frame but was constrained by the limitations of my equipment - taking night shots with a compact camera in extremely windy conditions without a tripod will never work. I also did not have the luxury of going beyond two seconds for exposure settings. Hence, there was a bit of a fight over my photowalk buddy's dSLR and tripod as each tried to assume the role of 'Creative Director'. ;p

Here I present to you two of my favourite shots of the Opera House. You really can't tell from the 2.5" LCD screen on your camera whether a photo you've just taken is perfectly satisfactory or not, especially if it's a camera you are not used to shooting with. This explains why I only discovered when home that I have only a dozen pics I feel are ok enough to share publicly here in my Flickr set although I was sure I would have 200 odd photos to play with when I left the event grounds.

So, who wants to buy me a dSLR?

By the way, the Vivid Sydney Festival is still on until 14 June. Check out their website here for more details.


SK said...

Like the last Opera house pic. Didn't know they were lighting up the Opera House every night. Must go and check it out.

Hehe . . I do have a Canon 400D I was planning to eBay . .

Alex said...

waaah...super wide angle and long exposure shot. getting more pro ah.. buy buy buy!