izzy's day

It was Izzy's birthday today and we went out for a quick celebratory lunch, just a small quiet group of us, nothing too fancy. I spent the weekend shopping for Izzy's birthday present and was getting quite desperate after a full day spent at various places and not finding anything I thought she would like. Doesn't this remind you of something I wrote just recently? Just when I have given up and started brainstorming for excuses to offer a belated present next week or something, I turned to leave the mall and well, you guessed it, there right in front of me was the perfect present for Izzy! And hey, I stumbled upon not just one, but two items she'd like and bought them both for her - a scarf from Miss Shop and a pair of earrings from Equip. You can see the birthday gal showing off her new accessories below.

We did a bit of silly posing for the camera with a pair of giant retro shades found in a corner of Pablo's Cafe while waiting for lunch to be served. Go to my Flickr set here to see the rest of the photos where Steph's crazy alter ego surfaced. There was also a flasher in the making.

The moment the food arrived, our starving souls got so distracted that we stopped the photo taking and so we ended up not having a single group shot. Boo. But who can blame us when we got to enjoy such a delicious dish like the Mexicana pasta below? This penne in a spicy tomato based sauce with lots of jalapenos, dashes of assorted spices, slices of tender chicken breast fillets, a handful of rocket leaves and sprinkles of shaved parmesan cheese was enough to send me to seventh heaven. It's currently my favourite pasta dish and you can try it at Pablo's Elixir Cafe along Botany Road in Alexandria. Bon appetite!

Happy birthday to Izzy again before the clock strikes midnight (it's 11.57pm as I compose the finale to this entry).

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SK said...

Cool sunglasses. :)

Mexican pasta sounds interesting. Love anything with jalapenos!