a lazy book-reading day

I had a lazy picnic-and-book-reading-day-by-the-bay on Queen's Birthday holiday. It was a great day as can be seen from the blue-sky-white-clouds pic below although it was originally forecasted to rain.

This was the spot I set up my picnic stuff - my huge vintage series colourful beach towel served as a picnic mat, lotsa chips, coffee, books and camera.

I have finished reading Ferney and just started on this new one Promise of the Wolves by Dorothy Hearst. I had a great view of the airport runway where I watched airplanes landing and taking off while I read and occasionally snapped photos.

There were lots and lots of seagulls everywhere. They even harrass you for food sometimes. Oh well, they make for a good photo at times too.

When it got too cold, I got my heavy ass off the portable chair and did some walking around.

And discovered the Kyeemagh Boat Ramp Reserve where I observed families spending quality time together boating and fishing while the sun slowly went below the horizon.

I really relish these rare moments of me-time.

More photos here.

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