sorting out my blings

I fell in love with this Accessories Mirror Cabinet the first time I saw it on Xuan's blog. How nice will it be to have all your bling blings all organised neatly and kept safely tucked behind your dressing mirror? And a full length one with adjustable angles too! So elegantly perfect.

But until I know what my longer term plans are with respect to my living location, I don't really want to invest time and money into researching and purchasing another piece of bulky furniture. Furthermore, I don't think I have that many pieces of jewellery to fill it up. So when I stumbled upon a smaller and significantly cheaper storage solution to my messy stash of earrings and necklaces in the form of these shown below, I snapped them up without much hesitation.

This is my necklace and bracelet collection that modest as it is, has completely filled up all the available hanging slots in this organiser.

And here, the almost but not quite half filled earrings/studs rack. Although I have since added several more pairs of such delicate personal adornments from the day this picture was taken, the rack still looks bare.

Instead of dedicating a whole corner of my room to a standing mirror/cabinet, I have allocated a space within my rustic bookshelf for my humble stockpile of blings. Don't they look pretty all placed together?

However, I'm not saying I am over the idea of getting the aforementioned mirror cabinet and I especially will not say no to it being gifted upon me!

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