coughing and wheezing

I have been coughing very badly for a month. Despite my finishing several bottles of cough syrup of different brands (of increasing strength with each switch), exhausting many packs of lozenges with cough suppressants and using an anti-inflammatory throat spray, I continued to cough and wheeze.

It became so bad I began experiencing breathlessness to the point I thought I was going to die of an asthma attack or a heart attack due to the stress my coughing placed on the pumping organ. I was also starting to get a constant fever which is a sign of infection.

I finally dragged my ass to the doctor's where I was told I have bronchitis and a chest infection. He couldn't believe how much noise he heard through the stethoscope when checking out my lungs. Because of my latent inactive TB state, it was suggested I do a TB test just to make sure nothing has changed inside me so as to trigger a full blown bacteria infection.

So now, I have to take that steroid inhaler and antibiotics as featured above for a week before I attend another review to see how things stand with my useless problematic lungs.

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eh, relax and no coffee ya