surfers paradise

I am more than one month late in blogging about my weekend getaway to Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast. Thanks to Pawpaw, bliss is two and a half days of eating, sleeping, tanning, people-watching, lots of juices and caffeine fixes - completely stress-free.

At Watermark Hotel. 5 minutes walk from the beach.

Magazines and fish and chips are all you need for a people-watching session.

Beautiful weather, great coffee, bikini babes - what else could I have asked for?

Lots of sun, sand and the ocean.

I spent a couple of hours watching these Japanese girls take MTV-like videos and photos from one end of the beach to the other.

Not forgetting to plug my iPod in.

Brunch at an interesting all-you-can-eat pancakes place with a hot air balloon theme.

Best meal of the trip was at this Japanese restaurant.

We gave all the theme parks a miss because 1) they were too touristy and expensive; 2) didn't have that much time; 3) I wanted a more relaxing R&R weekend; 4) I think I've outgrown the theme park phase in my life.

The only disappointment I got on this trip was that we didn't manage to get bookings for the Dracula's cabaret and dinner. I made it up with a Swedish massage at the hotel spa before checking out though so all was good.

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