in the 40s

I'm not talking about age but the temperature here in Sydney. We had >40 degree celsius days the whole of last week which led to me hiding indoors the whole weekend.

The newly acquired juicer came into good use this scorching summer as I made jugs and jugs of ice cold refreshing juices with all the fruits and vegetables I could get my hands on. The latest juicing project involved me hauling a 5kg watermelon back from the supermarket and getting about 3litres of pure juice from it which is sitting in the fridge right now. My favourite combination is what they call the Two and Five Juice at Boost Juice where I used to pay $6 per cup for - carrots, oranges, celery and beetroot (I did away with the apples and occasionally threw in something else such as cucumbers in my modified concoction).

Another drink for quenching the summer thirst that's been appearing a lot in the household lately is this homemade lemon and mint (from my humble herb and vege garden in the balcony that by the way has expanded by 3 more pots!) with lots of ice cubes thrown in.

Now that the heatwave has passed, we are experiencing a sudden dip in temperature to below 20 degree celsius overnight. It's madness. No wonder my lungs are protesting!

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