a mega sing song xmas eve

I changed my travel plans to spend Christmas and New Year in Singapore instead of waiting until end Jan to go home for CNY. Knowing how much I love to sing and how severely short of karaoke companions I have in Sydney, my bro organised a huge party at Party World, Liang Court for me so I could countdown to Christmas in great company while singing to my heart's content without getting stuck in the human and vehicular traffic in town.

With 18 attendees in our group, we took the largest room they had for a total price of $1066 that included 4 jugs of beer, 3 bottles of Martell, fruits, snacks, party packs, use of a full body OSIM massage chair and a pool table, and superb sound system that enhanced everyone's vocals such that we all sounded like we were performing at our own world tour concerts in a world class location.

This room could easily accommodate 50.

There were 4 huge LCD screens.

The pool table and massage chair.

With my beloved bro.

With the other man in my house who also happens to be my personal hairstylist back home.

Bro and his gf.

I borrowed this pair of lens-less Harry Potter specs from one of the boys and hogged it the entire night. I think I look so cute in it that I forced all my close friends to use this as my profile pic in their phone contacts LOL.

The sweetest thing happened when I started singing Warwick Avenue by Duffy. My personal hairstylist rounded up all the boys, handed them a noise making prop each, lined them up in front of the room facing me, and did an awesome fan dance for me. These guys synchronised their movements with one another and with the music so well it was impossible to believe they did it spontaneously. I kept shrieking into the microphone for one of the girls to video the whole dance but all anyone did was take a few pathetic shots such as the one below and so the coolest dance anyone has ever done for me can only be relived in my memories. They got their well deserved standing ovation at the end of the song.

And so we did the longest karaoke marathon I've ever done that night from 11pm to 6am, only getting home past 7am, making it one of the most memorable Christmas celebrations in my life.

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