lancing in lunar

Besides singing, my Bro also took me lancing lancing two days early for New Year's countdown so as to avoid the crazy crowds and also such that his rather-deprived-of-clubbing-just-like-me-GF who was due to fly out of SG before NYE could join in the fun too.

It was by sheer convenience that we chose Lunar at Clarke Quay for the night but we ended up having lots of fun with a bunch of great party goers there. However, two extremely unpleasant incidents involving the club's management and staff took place that totally ruined the night for all of us and led to me having seriously unglam confrontations with them. I had in mind to write a long entry detailing the sequence of events showing how my Bro was given discriminatory treatment just because the Chief Bouncer didn't like his face but I shall save this for another day as this post was meant to document the happy times for future reminiscence.

No more words needed. The pictures show our joy clearly enough. I heart my Bro.

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fav tudi said...

it's awesum shifu and bro can enjoy quality time tog too :)