highlights of my sg trip: eating non-stop

Everytime I return to SG, I go around eating all the local food with a vengeance. When deciding on venues for my appointments, all decisions will be centred around what type of food I have yet to cross out on my to-eat list. And more often than not, I end up eating five or six meals a day and gaining five kilos in the span of less than three weeks.

This most recent trip, I kind of overdid this eating business and got myself an extremely sore tummy and endless trips to the toilet on the second day. A visit to my regular doctor earned me a scolding from him for being too greedy when I listed the types and amount of food I had on the very first day back home. I didn't allow enough time for my digestive system to get used to the extremely oily, extremely spicy and extremely salty food that are in large contrast to what I normally consume in Sydney. I was punished for my gluttony by having a strict plain porridge diet imposed on me for a few days.

Below is a series of pictures of some of my gastronomical adventures taken with the iPhone camera and edited with some really cool apps such as Instagram and Tiltshift Generator.

Here's showing you a greedy me to kick off the series of pictures.

Mum made these glutinous rice balls in a thick sweet syrup on Winter Solstice.

My favourite was the black sesame glutinous rice balls.

I found a Hakka Delights stall in Food Opera at Ion selling these traditional 'Abacus yam balls' - 算盘子. My grandma being Hakka used to make it when I was a kid but stopped in recent years as it's very time consuming and a lot of work to cook this from scratch. This tasted authentic enough but I found it lacking in shrimps, mushrooms and minced meat.

I requested for homecooked crabs but my uncle decided to substitute with lobsters! I was more than happy, of course.

Alright, this was something I could have done without... but as it's a favourite among many in my family, I couldn't really say no when my uncle asked if he could include this for dinner.

More homecooked stuff! This is my uncle's specialty braised duck in lots of different spices.

Grandma's dining table... a full spread of cantonese, hokkien and teochew dishes even though she's hakka!

I haven't had hokkien prawn noodles in a long long long time and so I felt I had to have it at least once this trip.

After reading so much about the super thick peanut butter toast from Kim Gary Hong Kong Cafe on Angel J's blog, I made a special trip to Tampines One to try it. It was pure indulgence. I felt really guilty after finishing it all by myself, leaving none for my Mum who was my dining companion for that evening.

I had 'lor mai gai' - steamed glutinous rice with chicken - for breakfast almost every other day, among many other dishes. I always end up eating all the meat and leaving the rice...

Flyaway treated me to a nice cosy dinner at Soup Restaurant where I satisfied my craving for their signature Samsui chicken. The soup of the day was double boiled winter melon and pork rib soup.

My bro took my whole family to try out the best roast in Bugis. It was sooooooooooooo good!!!

Bro's gf received an order from her family in Indonesia to buy lots and lots and lots of bak kwa for her short trip home before New Year's Day. So we all trooped down to Chinatown and bought 5kgs of these oily sheets of meat!

I went with Tudi for some steamboat buffet at 鲜得来 in Nex. I loved those elaborate looking pots.

Here's Tudi's greedy looking face. So cute right?

Had a late lunch with Xuan at PS Cafe in Paragon and I chose the most interesting dish on the menu - Laksa Pesto. It was just simply spaghetti in a bit of laksa gravy. Wasn't fantastic but wasn't too bad either. I may try cooking it myself.

Caught up with the HAH ex housemate for dinner at TCC in Ion. It was her first time in Ion since she returned home for good in Aug. *Gasps* Again, I ordered the most exotic sounding dish on the menu - mentaiko spaghetti with salmon tataki. 美味しい!

The only fast food joint I visited during this trip was to Carl's Junior where I had the Portobello Mushroom burger. It was so so so big but so so so good!

Here's another shot of my gluttonous face to wrap up this entry.


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Eliss said...

OMG...see if i am able to outdo you when I go back next week, but I think not!
Great photos!