highlights of my sg trip: shopping

1. The Australian dollar was so strong at 1AUD = 1.30SGD;
2. Everything is so cheap in Singapore even if you don't take into account the favourable exchange rate;
3. The sizes and cuts of clothing and shoes fit my Asian build so much better than most of what I can find in OZland;
4. There is an abundance of everything iPhone related in Singapore that I find severely lacking in OZland;

I let loose and went all out to splurge. Below are pictures of only a few items I remembered to photograph. Besides these, there were also lots of clothes - both for work and for party, bags, accessories, an entire year's worth of hair products, sanitary napkins, deodorants, cosmetics and other toiletries. I didn't buy books as originally planned as I went over the baggage allowance and had to leave a bag of stuff behind. I'll have to make do with whatever free e-books I can download onto my phone for now as I'm really reluctant to pay so much more for the same book here in Sydney as compared to SG.

I love the light blue denim flats I got for only about $20 from Bata! Left pic shows me wearing them and you can take a closer look at these comfy flats in the right pic.

Obviously these boring looking ones are for work. They are exactly what I want - flat or at most one inch high, soft, simple and easy to match with any attire, and comfortable enough to wear everyday.

One for dollar notes, one for cards and one for coins. The one on the extreme left which is my favourite was actually bought 2 trips ago. I went back to the same shop to look for another of the same design for a colleague but it's no longer in production so I got her a coin pouch in the same collection as the card case in the middle.

I was particularly amazed by the entire streets of pushcart stalls - in Tampines, Bedok, Chinatown, in fact just about everywhere, even shops in the malls - selling iPhone covers and accessories at cut-throat prices! As you can see from the last pic above, I went overboard with the cover purchases due to deprivation of choice here; I hunted high and low in Sydney for a funky unique cover when I received my iPhone 4 from Santa Claus as my first Christmas present for last year but the only one I found that I liked was an original Speck cover from the Apple Store. The A$39 I paid for it could have bought me four Speck covers (maybe even eight if I bargain hard enough) of way cooler designs from any random store I step into in SG!

And believe it or not, I paid only $1 each for the phone socks! I especially heart the black sock with those cute little white cloud-like creatures floating around. I even got a spare external battery for about $20. Looking back at my iPhone case collection now, I actually regret not buying more. There were many more designs that I liked but had to force myself to stop the impulse buying.

The aim now is to save more for splurging again on my next trip home.

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