the king and the bone

A while back, I swapped my queen sized bed for a king. Because of my sleeping problems (1. I am an extremely light sleeper who wakes up at the slightest noise or movement; 2. I toss and turn a lot and wake up one thousand times every night to change my position because the mattress gets too warm after lying in the same spot for a while; 3. I have exhausting dreams all night long - this is purely psychological and probably can't be remedied by a change in bed; 4. I get the occasional backache which can partially be attributed to my curved spine methinks.), much effort was spent trying to find a mattress that may help alleviate some of them so I may get a good night's sleep.

After visiting at least half a dozen shops and testing more than a few dozen mattresses, the eventual decision was to get a King Koil firm mattress from the Superior Support collection. When I laid on the display unit, the entire space around me curved to my body contours such that every part of me felt adequately supported (like what one looks out for when buying a bra really) yet still offered the luxurious feeling of floating in water. I also tried lying in the same space for an extended period of time just to see if it gets too warm - the material (blend of pure and something else) supposedly offers optimal temperature regulation all year round - and I was really amazed that it remained sufficiently cool for a long time.

And so, I've been sleeping on this new King for two months now and coupled with some other sleeping aids such as having a cup of warm chamomile tea and relaxing the body and mind by listening to soft music or pampering myself to a whole body moisturising routine before bedtime, I'm definitely sleeping a lot better although I still dream a lot and that alone can make me totally exhausted the next day - I guess I need a sleep therapist or psychologist for this.

In the picture above, you also see a humongous black bone which is a recent acquisition from IKEA. It is a gigantic body pillow that curves in all the right places and 101% more huggable than a traditional bolster. My new pillow formation now sees me sleeping with the side of my head on one pillow, holding a second pillow over the other ear to block out any noise, supporting my chin with the COO pillow, and my legs astride over a traditional pillow (gift from my Fav Tudi and dear Rae specially airmailed to me) and the bone. It's pure heaven.

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