i want more dresses

I've been indulging myself in quite a bit of online shopping lately, mostly because of my little promotion and partially because I lost quite a bit of weight and find my clothes hanging off my bony frame very unflattering. Besides, I need nice sundresses for a trip back to Sunny-pore and to welcome the Sydney summer which will be upon us very soon.

As I'm into my long dress phase, I got a long number from ASOS Online - this halter neck maxi dress with a reed and dragonfly print design is by Ringspun and was going at 50% discount.

I got these two from Victoria Secret online. There is a summer dress sale going on and I'm tempted to buy more.

I was a bit hesitant to buy dresses online as I'm a firm believer of physically trying on clothes before you can tell if they suit or fit you. I only made up my mind to proceed with the purchases after measuring myself with a tape, tallying the measurements with the size chart and re-reading the return policy umpteen times. The mega sales were a big push too. I kept telling myself that I could always return them if they don't fit or if I don't like them. At most, I can always give them away to the girlies back home since they're not exhorbitantly priced.

So. They all arrived within two weeks of payment with a form clearly outlining the return and exchange policies and instructions for completing them. It's all quite dummy proof and very efficient. So now I'm shopping for more.

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Sunshine23 said...

Can't wait to see you in those dresses!! Chio Chio!! ^^