everyone needs a step-up in life

As my bedroom plunged into darkness with 9 out of 11 ceiling lights blown, I had to get a ladder at least 5 steps high to access the >3m higher-than-normal ceiling to replace these extremely shortlived halogen bulbs.

It called for an emergency trip to Bunnings - a place that never fails to amaze me by the sheer size of it and what can be found there - and a mad dash around the warehouse just 10 minutes before closing time to find a suitable ladder within the pre-budgeted cost of $50. Happy with the find at $44, a slight panic then ensued when trying to squeeze the longer than expected ladder into my tiny coupé.

So yeah. It's the first ladder I've ever had in my life. The lights have been fixed and I am no longer in darkness. Hooray for ladders. When are you getting one too?


o8ight said...

a very inspiring and motivational ladder indeed

climb on
remember to buy some cushions too, just in case

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Can we borrow your ladder some time? xx

monkeycrab said...

Sure. A kopi a day for the rental. How's that? ;p

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

On, ah!
Seriously, we have these glass windows high above our balcony doors and there's no way to reach and clean them without a ladder. And we are too cheap-charlie to buy one plus storage is a problem.
Will buy you a whole bag of coffee beans! xx

monkeycrab said...

Ok. Drop me an email when you need it. We will have to work out the logistics of getting the ladder to you... my car is too small - it was a struggle for us to get it home from Bunnings that we almost had to carry it and walk. In the end, we had to endure a very dangerous 5minute drive home with it with modifications to the passenger seating that compromised my safety!

Coffee beans... me dunnos what to do with them leh...

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Thank you! I will when I cannot tahan looking at the dust building up on the glass anymore. I won't be paiseh. Hee hee.

We will borrow the boyfriend's company van if/when we come to get the ladder.

OK, I'll take you out for coffee that's made for you by other people! xx