stitch and sew

A random impulse pick-up at a Spotlight store turned into an obssession with longstitch projects. Seeing how I have so much wool and thread and needles etc all over the place now, I needed to get some proper housing for them.

So I got this nana-looking sewing box for $10 at a Lincraft sale. I actually really like the pale lilac colour and the embroidered flowers (they look like sunflowers!) on the lid.

Sitting by the large french windows in the reading corner of my room with the sun streaming in, a cup of hot chamomile and honey tea in my hands while I get my sewing kit out to resume my current unfinished project with soft soothing music in the background, I feel like I'm some kind of upper class gentlewoman from the 1800s. LOL

After finishing my first longstitch piece from a purchased kit that included the design, canvas and wool, I thought I'd design my own pieces from the second project onwards. So I started out sketching on the drawing board and finally got a chance to use my favourite Faber-Castells for some colouring exercise! Happy like mad. The tedious part was then transferring the sketch onto the sewing canvas and putting the stitches in.

And here's the completed project (left most is the piece from the kit and the centrepiece was something I got at an artisan market a few years back). Although it looks decent from a distance, I am personally really disappointed with some of the details - lesson learnt: due to the small sized canvas, it's best to keep the design simple without too much facial details. And if you'd noticed, I had wanted to put my signature (I practised it for a long time ok!) on it but eventually did away with it as it was too tedious to sew it on.

I already have my next sketch ready to be transformed into another masterpiece. ^_^