first run in years

I started on long walks such as this in a bid to resume some sort of exercise regime after years of inactivity with the ultimate goal of re-attaining my running pace from the school days when I used to compete in cross country races. With some training, I also hope to sign up and complete a marathon with decent timing someday.

I had my first jog today in what must have been four years. I decided to let my body slowly be conditioned and not overexert my heart and muscles all of a sudden. Hence, I kept it to a slow and short jog of 1km at a pace of 7min/km followed by a 0.55km walk at a pace of 13min/km as tracked by my cool new app on the iPhone - Runkeeper that also maps out the route I took on the GPS.

Below are some pictures of me flaunting my absolutely cool retro running gear for cold days such as today (15 degree celsius with >40km/h winds) and doing my stretches at the northern rocks at Maroubra Beach before jogging southwards along the cliffs to the beach and back up.

Ended the afternoon with a pleasant catch up with Summer who just turned one year old 2 days ago.

I feel healthier already.


Sunshine23 said...

Good job angel!! Soooo envious of the cool weather!!

o8ight said...

way to go!!!

looks too chillax! woot