rainbow balloon

Here's my second self-designed longstitch project. Learning from the first experience - the girl with the umbrella, I kept the design simple this round but experimented with brighter colours and different stitching directions - vertical + horizontal + diagonal.

Here's the sketch on the drawing board. The placement of the various elements - the hot air balloon, the sun and the clouds, and the colours all mean something to me. However, I actually thought of placing the balloon upside down only after I've started it, so I just let it be. A pity the idea came a tad too late. Remember the inside cover page design I did on my latest journal? So this longstitch design is part of my entire inner world thoughts and feelings.

Drawing transferred onto the blank canvas. I'm still trying to find a more suitable canvas with slightly bigger holes... preferably 2mm by 2mm openings.

And now the finished product. I like how the vertical, horizontal and diagonal stitches make the picture more 'pop-up'.

This is getting really enjoyable! I already have some ideas on my next creation. As I'm still in the experimental stage, I'm thinking of doing something along the lines of shadows and silhouettes or stick figures. We'll see how it turns out. Back to the drawing board for now.

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