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Got an invitation to a housewarming party where the theme was "All Things Japanese". I had in mind to turn up as Lightning from FF XIII and suggested for Pawpaw to dress up as Ichigo in his bankai costume carrying his Zangetsu. However, unless I made those costumes from scratch myself, it was 1) impossible to find the right costumes and 2) too costly to buy just for one party. My back-up plan was a sexy French maid costume I saw in a Hot Dollar shop but even that was $40!

In the end, I combed through my wardrobe and put together a Japanese school girl outfit with only a $15 expense on a tight fitting shirt. The nerdy glasses were a present from Angel J; the short black skirt was something I've had since my late teens and I remember I used to wear it very often for clubbing; the simple black jacket is work wear; the tie, knee high socks and Converse shoes were borrowed from Pawpaw (don't ask me why he has those socks!)

Pawpaw didn't want to spend a single cent but reckoned he looked Japanesey enough... =_="

I only bothered to take photos of people or animals that had on costumes... here we have a French maid and a ninja dog (is that one of Kakashi Sensei's ninja dogs?!)!

A Geisha and a ninja (and a lady in a simple kimono behind the ninja)!

Beautiful dog in a fierce dragon costume with the word 'Japan' on it.

The hostess cooked lots of yummy Japanese food: sushi with assorted fillings, miso soup, fried noodles and Japanese curry. Love love love it!

After-dinner entertainment was the xBox where I got addicted to the Fruit Ninja game.

Look at my super fast movements! LOL

And my arms got extremely sore the next day.

What shall I dress up as for Halloween????????

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