food diary: 3 - 9 nov

B @ 9am: coffee
L @ 12.30pm: fried noodles, mocha
D @ 7.30pm: nasi lemak, 1 pear
dump: once

B @ 8am: mocha
L @ 11am: seafood salad, beef lasagne
Tea break @ 2pm: salads, a chicken wing, some chips (Melbourne Cup Lunch @ work)
D @ 7.30pm: homecooked chicken curry with maggi mee, 1 prata
dump: nil

B @ 9am: mocha
L @ 1.30pm: seafood curry with rice, mocha
D @ 8.30pm: bangers and mash, 1 beer
dump: once

B @ 8am: bacon and egg mcmuffin, mocha
L @ 2pm: chicken burger
D @ 8pm: tonkotsu ramen
dump: once

B @ 9am: mocha
L @ 1.30pm: chicken with chips and salad, 1 beer
D @ 9pm: BBQ beef bulgogi, pork belly, korean side dishes, kimchi pancake
dump: nil

B : nil
L @ 2pm: piccolo latte, 2 tarts
Tea break @ 5pm: penne salmon in pink sauce, piccolo latte
D : nil
dump: once

B : nil
L @ 1pm: cappuccino, sausage roll
Tea break @ 4.30pm: vietnamese beef noodles, teh tarik
D @ 9.30pm: homecooked spaghetti with salmon, chilli and basil
dump: nil

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