food diary: 27 oct - 2 nov

B @ 9.30am: coffee
L @ 12.30pm: thai curry with rice
D @ 8.30pm: mee goreng, teh tarik
dump: once

B @ 9.30am: mocha
L @ 1pm: chicken schnitzel with chips and salad, 2 beers
D @ 8.30pm: hokkien fried noodles
dump: once

B @ 9.30am: coffee
L @ 1.30pm: salt and pepper calamari with rice, wanton soup, mocha
D @ 8.30pm: linguine with chilli prawns
dump: once

B @ 9am: mocha
L @ 2.30pm: mocha, chicken and cheese sandwich
D @ 8pm: fried rice
dump: nil

B @ 9am: mocha
L @ 1.30pm:
D @ 9pm: beef tofu hotpot, pork belly, korean side dishes, 1 beer
dump: nil

B @ 10am: mocha
L @ 3pm: 2 slices of toast, mocha
D @ 9pm: century egg porridge, shredded beef, 1 beer
dump: nil

B @ 11am: fish porridge, assorted dim sum, mocha
L @ 2pm: a few bites of bread
Tea break @ 4.30pm: szechuan spicy cold noodles, spicy shredded tofu
D @ 9.30pm: cheeseburger, onion rings, chicken soup
dump: once

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