the search for new parents

Since before X'mas last year, I've been wanting to dig out all the long buried items - clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, toys and what-nots - in the wardrobe to do a one-time clean up of anything I haven't used in the last three years in order to clear some space for all the things I bought recently that had been piling up in a corner in the bedroom due to lack of storage space.

I finally got my hands onto it last week post the Orlando trip out of desperation as all the new Kate Spades and Victoria's Secrets need a home. A week into this cleaning and sorting frenzy has seen me re-discovering forgotten old favourites, being pleasantly surprised at how I now can fit into some (sadly not all though) clothing items that had been relegated to the I've-put-on-so-much-weight-now-I-can't-fit-into-these-anymore list and putting together an entire suitcase of clothes and bags to sell among other things, and I'm only halfway through this Project Clean-out Wardrobe.

As a lot of my beloved possessions are in near new condition and many others only used/worn once or twice in their lifetimes thus far, I am reluctant to just chuck them in the bin. I hope many of them can find new owners who will make them proud of their existence in this material world so they don't have to stay hidden in dark corners of the closet like they have for the last decade.

Thus you see the new link that now appears on the nav bar under my blog header banner now - FOR SALE. I have put up only 2 items for now - my K2 inline skates and Habitat skateboard - to start with and will slowly add to it. Please pop over regularly to see if there is anything that catches your fancy and do help to spread the word too. Unfortunately, for bulky items like the skates and skateboard, I am accepting cash upon pick-up only for people residing in Sydney as there's not much point trying to ship them anywhere due to unpractical shipping cost. However, once I've catalogued the smaller items - not easy! got to take photos, make measurements, research on market rates for similar products, set the price and tag them - especially the accessories and clothes, they will be open to potential new parents from anywhere on the globe.

I may also make an appearance at one of the markets - Glebe most likely - and will keep you posted if and when I do.

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