finally, a successful girls' night out

Clubbing in Sydney has been very challenging for us girls as almost every single attempt we had in the past two years to try and have a boomz night out ended in failure due to a myriad of reasons from the key people getting drunk on home booze before we even set foot out of the house to bad timing where all decent nightspots were closed on particularly special long weekends such as Easter or Christmas.

This time, we swore we would make it happen as it was the last chance we had before Char went home for good. Though the turn out was a little disappointing with a couple of them hardworking ones having to mug for exams, it still proved to be the best girls' night out in a long time.

We did the usual pre-drinks and girl talk session at home before hitting town for economic reasons; it takes a lot of whiskey to get us chirpily high.

Despite it being one of the coldest autumns I can remember since I got to Sydney in 2006, the dress code was to dress sexy. Most chose to flaunt their boobs but I chose to flash my legs LOL.

We still didn't manage to get into the one club we've been targeting to get in for years - the Tank Nightclub because they had a private function that night. Such a spoiler. So we did a slow crawl along Darling Harbour instead.

And once the adrenaline got pumpin' to the rhythm of the booming bass, the rush of alcohol infused blood to the head got us making weird faces, as usual.

Halfway through the night, these two guys - friends of Van's - dumped the three bimbos they were with to crash into our party and from then on we saw our enlarged group having a lot of such roadside conferences as we migrated from club to club trying to find one that we liked.

We put on our best angry faces here and I look an angel. LOL

The finale was supper in Chinatown where we devoured three huge pots of piping hot congee before we got to crach onto our comfy beds past 5am.

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Kaylin Herbert said...

I wanna congratulate you ladies for having a successful girls’ night out. Haha! You looked gorgeous in your outfits. It seems that you really prepared yourselves for this night, huh! Well, I really hope that in the past three years, you’ve been able to have another fun and great night out together! ;)