first taste of butter

I did a weekend pit stop in Singapore on a work trip to Hong Kong and Bro organised a party session for me. Thanks to my other Bro - that renowned One-Swipe-Die Bro - we all got into Butter Factory without much hassle or queueing.

We are a pair of cool siblings eh?

I had to borrow this dress from the Bro's GF as I did not pack any party gear for the short interlude.

How long has it been since One-Swipe-Die Bro appeared on my blog? And here you see him with one of his many gazillions 'girlfriends'.

Seeing how much I enjoyed wearing the Harry Potter glasses during our last KTV session, Mr ProTrim Steve brought along a pair of funky glasses this time as well and it became the accessory of the night as everyone fought to pose with it.

Here's a series of the Bro and the GF. Sweet as ever.

After two bottles of Hennesy courtesy of yours truly, these youngsters started doing weird things! Some of what you see in the below pics, I have no idea what was going on then.

Kenny the last person to arrive super late due to work ended up the most popular among the ladies. One of the pics below shows me almost devouring him LOL.

It was great fun thanks to these darlings who always make sure I am well entertained on my rare trips home. The only disappointment that night was Mr Tenant's absence. Despite the many apologies from him, I have to put it on record here that he owes me a mega KTV session for my next trip to make it up to me.

Cheers. When will the next session be?

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