4 days in hong kong

I went on a four day work trip to Hong Kong in mid March where my Academy was a participating exhibitor and conference speaker at the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium that was part of the bigger Asian Aerospace event. Being my first visit there, I had grand plans to stuff myself to death with yummy food but that wasn't to be. Because of the last minute crop-up of a Request for Proposal with a rather tight deadline, most of the free time had to be spent on the preparation of the business proposal. Here are two very rare photos showing me in proper boring business attire. We hates it. >.<

The highlight of the entire trip was I got to meet up with Madam J for dinner one night! I took the MTR Airport Express line from Asia World Expo to town on the second night where I got to wander around from Kowloon station to Hong Kong station to Central station on foot while waiting for Madam to get off work. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are designated 'Quiet Sections' in the train. Singapore should implement something like this on its MRT trains too.

After spending a few hours zipping in and out of shops in the heavily neon-lit shopping districts, I couldn't bear the hunger anymore and decided to grab a snack which turned out to be a full meal of prawn dumpling noodle soup in a hole-in-the-wall eatery. It was awesome! The noodles were extremely 'Q' (pardon me, my semi dead brain can't think of the appropriate English word to describe the noodle texture but my Tudi offered 'springy' and 'bouncy'), the soup very tasty, the prawns in the dumplings very fresh, and the chilli sauce perfectly mixed to balance the taste.

Check out the prices of the dishes in the noodle place - everything is so cheap!!! I had to take a long walk around town to try and get the food digested before having dinner proper with Madam.

Madam took me to Yung Kee Restaurant in Central because she's heard so much about this 1 Michelin Star restaurant. This award winning restaurant had entire pages - no less than five I tell you! - on the menu listing all the awards it has bagged since 1968. I was slightly astonished by the long queue that greeted us despite arriving past dinner time at about 9pm. We ordered a crispy roasted pigeon solely for the sake of me being able to finally declare to the world that I've been to HK and had this dish, preserved eggs (I loved this so much I regret to this day not ordering more) and some tofu dish that was very interesting.

It's been years since I caught up with Madam and I still felt instantly at ease with her such that I poured out my life story from where we'd last left off in our previous meet-up without much prompting. Because I was so engrossed in our conversation, I must admit I didn't pay much attention to the food so I can't really pass any judgement on whether the restaurant's Michelin Star is justified. All I remember when we left was that I wished we had more time. God knows when we'll meet again. Til then Madam.


angelc said...

Must try the famous dessert chain Xue/Shui (snow/water...forgot) Liu (flow) Shan (mountain)! I miss HK.... Pls go shop at H&M or something...cheap n good

monkeycrab said...

I know what you are talking about! I forgot the name too but think it sounds something like Shui Liu Shan.

I did go to H&M but it was so crowded I only ended up buying underwear cos no need to join the ridiculous queue at the fitting room to try.