lobster set menu at kabuki shoroku

I can never stay away from Kabuki Shoroku for too long. It's quite high up there on my list of favourite Japanese restaurants because of its chawanmushi with salmon roe, seafood hot pot and wagyu beef.

This time round, I went for something I've not tried before - the lobster set menu that consists of:
- the chef's choice of starters
- a whole live lobster served sashimi style
- assorted tempura
- a main dish of chicken or prawns which I swapped for the wagyu beef by paying the difference in cost of the 2 dishes (I had wanted the hot stone wagyu but they claimed they broke the only available hot stone and so couldn't serve the dish?!?!)
- lobster and seafood broth
- rice
- dessert

I added the following at an extra cost:
- chawanmushi with salmon roe

- the normal chawanmushi
- assorted premium sashimi

- hot sake

Left: The lobster was still twitching when it was served freshly killed sashimi style. Its constantly moving big black eyes were scary! *GASPS*
Right: The tempura was so-so. I've never been a huge tempura fan anyway.

The tuna, salmon and kingfish sashimi paled in comparison with the crunchy lobster sashimi. It was a huge lobster but there really wasn't much meat to satisfy my appetite.

I asked for medium rare but after taking the first piece, thought perhaps I should have gone for rare instead. I've been preferring my steak rare lately.

I ordered both the normal chawanmushi and the one topped with salmon roe. The roe makes all the difference in taste. The normal version was totally tasteless and a waste of, what, $10?

Because there was already a lobster broth in the set, I didn't order my favourite $100-a-pot seafood hot pot. This lobster broth was not bad; I got to suck all the remaining lobster meat off those tough shells *slurps*

Dessert was sooooooooooo good I couldn't have enough of it, especially the piece of premium dark chocolate coated with matcha powder. I passed on that bit of banana though.

Time to plan another dinner there in the coming new year 2011!

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