jet laaaaaaaaagged

Saturday, I took off on an Emirates 777 at about 8pm Sydney time. Approximately 17 hours later, the plane touched down in Dubai.

Above pictures were taken in the 5 hours transit in Dubai as I awaited my connecting flight to Istanbul.

Another 4 hours' flight time and I arrived in Istanbul. After clearing the customs which took forever, an additional hour was spent figuring out where to board the free shuttle service to the hotel, making our way there, and more waiting around before finally reaching the hotel; it was exactly 29 hours after I left Sydney.

I was so exhausted that I passed on dinner and crashed into bed at 5pm local time only to wake at around midnight. I had to take some really super drowsy drugs to force myself back to sleep at around 3am.

Monday, I had to set up for the work exhibition, still jet lagged and extremely tired. I'm passing on dinner again and heading to bed at an unearthly hour of 8.30pm. I'm already dreading the long journey back home.

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