my very mild halloween

I missed out on the girls' Moulin Rouge halloween last year and tried to make up for it this year, but without spending too much. In the end, my only investment was a grand total of $11.50 on a pair of black wings and dramatic false eye lashes which I failed to put on due to my lack of eye make up experience. I even had an epic fail moment when I couldn't even put on eyeliner and eyeshadow so I had to give up on my plans of appearing with dramatic gothic make up!

Here's my black angel of death outfit where I simply wore a blank tank top with my only pair of leather hot shorts, with laced up combat-looking black boots and miscellaneous black jewellery that I can find in my closet. When I whatsapped these pics to Tudi, she said I looked more like a baby death angel. Not fierce enough! And I look like I'm playing scissors, paper, stone with myself in the pic below. Haha.

Here's with some chilli red lipstick on to make up for the lack of gothic eye make up face and trying to give a deathly stare. I love my black wings but wished they could be bigger, like... human height... that'd be cool.

Then while we were enjoying some red wine at home before departing for the real party, Pawpaw suggested we do some scary vampirish shots and went to put on some scary music and dimmed the lights. The shots still turned out with a very low scare factor. Boo.

Here, I tried to tackle my first victim - a doll.

And so we started the fight of the century.

Even though I had the upper hand for a while...

That bloody doll still thrashed me!!! I'm a very dead angel here. LOL

Then we were off to Argyle to meet the rest of the otherworldly gang where I failed to take any pics. Here are 2 shots I stole off their FB pages (:P) - a cute Munchkin, a cool pirate and a sexy genie.

No pics of the 2 boring IT guys who went as mortals!

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