bag, shoes and dresses

As I go through my wardrobe time after time to try and decide what to keep and what to get rid of, I find myself feeling really sad every time I add an item to the 'To Clear' pile. So much time has been wasted in transferring these items to and from the pile all because I really can't bear to part with A SINGLE ITEM! All of them are so under-utilised and in such perfect condition that I can keep them for a lifetime. Darn the space constraints and the urge to buy more and more.

After much deliberation, on top of the books to sell, I have listed the below items on Gumtree. Would appreciate if anyone who sees this page can help to spread the word so all lovelies can find loving owners.

I have 2 more suitcases of stuff to sort out, photograph, take measurements and to list online... so more to come...

Nine West Oriental Style Shoulder Bag - click here to view details

Vintage style wine red chunky heels - click here to view details

Dresses left to right: (click on each item to view details)
Left - Esprit floral dress
Middle - Beautiful brand new retro style tube dress
Right - Colourful Striped Retro Dress

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