simple homemade lassi

If you're a lassi (from wiki: a popular and traditional Punjabi yogurt-based drink of India and Pakistan) fan like me, here's a simple way to get a quick fix for the occasional craving for lazybums who are not willing to spend more than 1min on the preparation.

All I do is fill up half a glass with my favourite yoghurt - Ski D'lite Honey Buzz, and the remaining half of the glass with milk and stir them til they're evenly mixed. Oh if you haven't tried Honey Buzz, you should; you'll never want to have yoghurt in any other flavour ever again.

Or for a punch of citrus sourness, mix yoghurt, milk and fruit juice of equal proportions and stir til they're all evenly mixed into a refreshing drink. Experiment with different flavoured yoghurt and juices for different results.

It's so refreshing and makes for a healthy after meal drink. I'm extremely pleased with the little discovery of this simple homemade concoction. I think I'm really turning into a whizz in the kitchen hah!

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Sunshine23 said...

Sounds yummy!! And I'm glad that you've become an expert in the kitchen wor!!
Yipee to healthy eating..