x'mas day

We had the honour of having my favourite Tudi, pretty Vanisha and princess Summer over on X'mas day.

Tudi was tasked to make Jamie Oliver's tuscan salad and it turned out to be the best homemade tuscan salad we've ever had.

Pawpaw was in charge of the main course. He swapped the stuffed turkey for a stuffed chicken and made his own signature stuffing that was heavenly. The chicken skin got torn in the stuffing process hence the poor bird looks naked below.

I made dessert - pavlova with freshly whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top served with homemade berry compote on the side. I have to admit I cheated by buying a ready made base instead of baking it from scratch after I saw how cheaply it was selling for in Coles.

An obligatory group photo with our colourful party hats from the X'mas bonbons. Check out how intensely Summer was looking into the camera!

Following the sumptuous dinner, we settled comfortably onto the couches with our wine glasses and miscellaneous snacks for a quiet DVD night.

A simple affair and yet full of smiles. I feel blessed.

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