vampire knight

Rarely a TV person, I had to resort to channel surfing when I was stranded in sleepy Wagga Wagga for 10 days due to work. And to my extreme surprise, there was an English dubbed episode of anime showing on a random channel that kept me pleasantly entertained for about 30min! Who would have thought country Aussies are into anime?!

With 8 more nights to kill and captivated by the extraordinarily beautiful people in that random episode I caught on TV, I went online to search for that anime and ended up finishing the entire 26-episode series - Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty - before the end of my stay in Wagga.

Having abstained from anime for an extended period of time, I was once again reminded of the reason I like watching them in the first place - all of them have inhumanly good looking people in them - Kakashi Sensei, Ichigo, Zero Kiryu, Lelouch, Takumi Usui just to name a few of my infatuations - who are always the hero saving the pretty damsels in the nick of time, with most series having happy endings. :)

Japanese manga and anime rock!

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