mental therapy puzzles

I love jigsaw puzzles. I've completed more than a few dozen of them when I was in SG, with the most difficult one being a 2000-piece puzzle of an entire field of nothing but sunflowers - that took me months to complete.

I find it very therapeutic when I focus on putting the pieces together and it takes my mind off the everyday stressful stuff when I get myself absorbed and lost in the puzzle-image of the moment.

However, I don't really know what to do with them after fitting the last piece in. I have never had any intention of framing and hanging them up and they aren't always suitable presents for giving away. So I find myself disassembling the pieces and stuffing them back into the boxes them came in and either store them away or chuck them into the bin.

I took some time off work due to health issues lately and had the luxury of time to pick up this favourite past-time again. These two 1000-piece puzzles that I bought at a super bargain were not very challenging though; the first one took me about a day and a half and the second about two days and a bit to complete.

They are back into their boxes now waiting for someone else to spend time with them.

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Sunshine23 said...

wah angel! I might just become crossed eyes doing them.. You are good!!