my next new toy will be a pen

I see more and more friends around me flaunting their new GFs (I'm talking about the Panasonic Lumix GF series of cameras here) around and after seeing all their sample pictures and having a recent discussion with a colleague's husband on the micro four thirds system (a mirrorless interchangeable lens system created by Olympus and Panasonic that gave rise to a whole new phenomenon of pocket-sized dSLR-type cameras), I'm truly impressed, and itching to get my hands on one too.

I devoted my Queen's Birthday public holiday to researching on this technology and comparing the Lumix series with the PEN series from Olympus. Well, since I already own 2 compact digicams, a dSLR, an analogue SLR, an analogue Diana F+, an iPhone camera, and up to very recently a Polaroid camera, the gadget specs become secondary to its aesthetics in my quest to add another expensive toy to the ever growing wishlist. Olympus wins hands down for me as in addition to having comparable photo quality to those taken with the GF, its vast range of retro-looking accessories I can get to dress my next new PEN toy with left me drooling with desire. I'm a sucker for retro stuff. I mean, just look at the line-up below! They all look so cool!

So I have about slightly less than half a year left to save up for this big buy to stuff into my own Christmas sock.

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